Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Winter Wader Count

While undertaking our wader count some people on motorbikes decided to visit the roost site. You can see by the following photos the damage they caused. We feel that had we not been there at this time just how much more would have been done? 

 They had to ride past this sign to get to the roost site.

They must have seen us on the flats and thought they had better leave.
Red-capped Plover (Charadrius ruficapillus)
At 14-16cm the Red-capped Plover is not easy to see from a distance. They live and breed on the flats.
Red-browed Finch (Neochmia temporalis) 
Came across a small feeding flock of these on the way up to the wader site.
Whistling Kite (Haliastur sphenurus)

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Glastonbury Creek Take Two

No luck on having the Rufous Fantail showing itself on this visit, but did manage the Fairy Gerygone which I did not  get a photo of while on the camp. 

Fairy Gerygone (Male)(Gerygone palpebrosa)

For some reason this sign is at all the grids on the road into the Glastonbury Creek Camping Area.
 Some of the scenery heading to the camping area.

Large-billed Scrubwren (Sericornis magnirostris)
Little Shrike-thrush (Colluricincla megarhyncha)
While the Large-billed Scrubwren looks to be gathering nesting material, the Little Shrike-thrush looks to be in a bit of a tangle, and the Rose Robin looks cute standing there.

Rose  Robin (Female)(Petroica rosea)

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Monday, 15 June 2015

King Parrot & Royal Spoonbill.

This immature male King Parrot came to our feeder the other morning for a quick feed. It is always good to see that they are still around.
Australian King Parrot (Alisterus scapularis)

Just down the road from our place is a park with a pond and sometimes you can be lucky to see Spoonbills there, as I was the other day. 
Royal Spoonbill (Platalea regia)

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